Food Photography

Picturing the essence of taste

Food photography is a truly specialised genre of commercial photography and it is one of our passions.

We photograph all types of foods and drinks. If your requirement is to get a one off shot for a publication, brochure or a website we can do the shoot in our studio. If your photo-shoot or the video production is in a busy five star kitchen, we have the expertise, equipment and the experience to carry out the shoot without disturbing the daily operations of the kitchen.

We bring our own props and stylizing materials and we can even source five star executive chefs to be food stylists!

Architectural & Interior Photography

Capturing the design & ambience

Let us convey the sense of space, style and design of your architectural masterpiece, interior design or the commercial property.

This highly technical genre of photography requires technical precision, scientific knowledge and the mastery of the craft as well as crafty lighting to convey the sense of ambient lighting.

We photograph anything from houses to massive commercial properties.

Product/Commercial Photography

Conveying the quality & your vision

Let your clients feel the quality of your product or the service via great great pictures.

We photograph anything from small commercial products to industrial machinery or factories, the produce of your farm or the farm itself.

If the products are small enough we can photograph them in our studios, for anything larger than that we bring the production set to your location.